Independence Center

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2025 Washington St
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About Us

Independence Center is an agency that works with adult persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Most of our members have had several hospitalizations in psychiatric units. Almost two thirds have been dually diagnosised as having mental illness and substance abuse. There are also members who are dually diagnosised as having mental illness with mental retardation. A number of the members who attend have children and some have had a criminal history. The Center provides a place in the community where these people can come and learn skills necessary to be productive in their communities. Most of our members would be social isolated without our program. The Independence Center program works side by side with its participants to help them develop and feel competent about the skills they need to manage their lives. The fundamental premise of the program is that people function best when they feel useful and important. To achieve this, Independence Center invites members to participate in every facet of the operation of the program. This participation leads to the acquisition of vocational skills needed to work out in the community.

Independence Center provides comprehensive programming including: Psychosocial rehabilitation; case management services; therapy; community support, vocational training; supported employment and residential services.