COMIZIA Care, Inc.

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3013 Rainbow Drive
Suite 112-E
United States

About Us

COMIZIA Care, Inc. is dedicated to empowering young single mothers to enjoy a well balanced life, promoting health and financial soundness.

Our vision is to ignite bravery and confidence in these mothers positioning them to take charge of their life and walk through doors which give them access to valuable information, decision making ability, assertiveness, and high self-esteem, not settling for mediocrity.

Through collaborative efforts with staff members, volunteers and community partners, Comizia Care offers services and programs which instill confidence in those we serve, empowering them to obtain success and reach life goals. We do so through health awareness, life skills education, and mentoring relationships, exposing our clients to a world of hope and unlocking windows of opportunity.

We are hopeful our efforts will assist in reducing poverty cycles, repeated unplanned pregnancies and transfer or contraction of sexual diseases.