Jessamine County Christmas Store

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About Us

No matter your age, you probably remember and love your early childhood Christmas memories. Coming downstairs and seeing the Christmas tree all lit up and presents wrapped underneath for everyone in your family. You run and wake up mom and dad, waking them out of a dead sleep out of sheer excitement for what’s to come. Unwrapping gift after gift, the smiles, the laughter, the pictures and memories that come with Christmas morning last a lifetime. For some kids and teenagers this reality is becoming less and less real to them as our economy continues to decrease.

A group of people have gotten together to change this reality and for the second year in a row we are excited to announce that The Christmas Store will be open this year!

This year we are focusing on kids ages 13 and up. While elementary schools and the Salvation Army help those under 12 we have identified a huge need in our community for those kids over 12. We are partnering with the middle and high schools and local businesses and families that want to make a huge difference this Christmas season.