Voice for the Animals

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P.O. Box 202
Santa Monica
United States

About Us

The Voice for the Animals Foundation is devoted to
creating respect and empathy for animals through
education, rescue, advocacy and legislation.

The programs which enable us to accomplish our
goals include: (1) Animal Assistance Hotline, taking
calls in 24 hours a day; (2) Rescue, Rehabilitation
and Adoption, for animals in jeopardy; (3) Helping
Friends, giving those most in need extra support to
care for their animals; (4) Working Cats, relocating
feral cats who would have been euthanized at the
shelter to places that have problems with rats; (5)
Humane Education, sensitizing young people in
local schools to animal issues; (6) Zoo Watch,
working to protect elephants and to educate the
public about their needs, (7) Animal Abuse
Prevention, assisting with the reporting and
prosecuting of animal abuse and neglect,
organizing training programs on animal abuse for
the LAPD, and working closely with the LAPD and
the city attorney's Animal Protection Unit; and (8)
Animal Film Program, producing broadcast quality
films on animal-related topics.