Honolulu Japanese Language and Cultural Group

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About Us

こんにちは! Aloha, we are an informal Japanese conversation group. Share your Japanese language skills and experience with people. We meet new friends and learn about Japanese culture from each other.

This group is exciting, fun and educational! Join us and enjoy island life with us.

Our mission: HJLCG is to provide international educational, cultural and exchange programs to people in U.S., Japan and Asia-Pacific. We believe that through interaction can the peoples of the world understand each other, build friedships and promote world peace.

Our programs:

  • Educational programs: Japanese conversation group, cultural exchange (cafe talk), Study group
  • Cultural events: New year celebration, Halloween, Bon dance festival, food events, football game, dance night, Karaoke night
  • Outdoor activities: hiking, surfing, cycling, camping, BBQ
  • Multicultural relationship study group
  • Annual trip to Japan

We are a non-partisan, non-religious group open to people of all nationalities and ethnicities. We accept people of all languages, age, gender, sexual, religious and political orientation, cultural and educational background, social and financial status, physical ability and appearance, hobbies, diet, tattoos and piercing, area of residence, occupation, and samurai status.

Our history up till now/これまでの経緯:

It's all about love and peace!

The organizer wanted to help create world peace. He thought about what he could do as an individual and how fun it would be to have a place where people with different ideas and values can meet and understand each other through open communication. Being from Japan, he felt he could contribute to this purpose by creating a place where people could teach and learn Japanese and share the Japanese culture.

We started a Japanese conversation group on May 28th 2013 and three people attended the first meeting. He set up the meetup.com Honolulu Japanese Language and Culture Group account on June 4th. Within two months, membership increased from 1 to 50 and, currently, more than a dozen members attend the weekly meetings.

In order to make our group available to everybody and more academic, we will be officially registering the group as a non-profit organization.