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About Us

WeCareToShare,Chantal is a small volunteer organization of medical professionals whose mission is providing relief for the communities of Chantal and Canon, Haiti. We operate under the auspices of the Diocese of Palm Beach and use the 501C3 status of the Knights of Columbus Share Council 6988. However, no proselytizing or evangelizing is ever involved: our sole mission is to provide population of Chantal and Canon with basic medical, gynecologic, pediatric , and dental care. Team members are multi-national, multi-faith, multi-ethnic. All team members cover 100 % of the cost of trip participation and we have no paid administration or staff overhead.. All patients are seen entirely free of charge including any necessary medicines and supplies without regard to race, gender, religon, ethnicity. We support our work through donations and fund-raising efforts.

WeCareToShare,Chantal has taken 6 trips since the earthquake; Our 7th mission will be January 14 - 20, 2013. We will treat approximately 1000 patients per day. We are recruiting additional team members especially doctors, dentist, and pharmacists.

We provide only outpatient care as there is no hospital. The only permanent medical care in either community is a small dispensary staffed by local nuns who are trained nurses. Our long-range goal is to build a clinic for the community -- land has already been acquired. Once built, there will be deployment of permanent physicians through the Haitian Ministry of Health, but first, there must be a facility for them. In the interim, while we are raising funds for that clinic, we will continue to provide intermittent relief trips. Our trips are deliberately kept short in order for team members to obtain the tie off from regular practices and family obligations yet continue contributing to the effor to care for these communities.