Services for Older Citizens

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17150 Waterloo
Grosse Pointe
United States

About Us

Services for Older Citizens (SOC) was founded in the Gorsse Pointe and Harper Woods communities to assist older citizens as they face changes in their economic, personal, and social lifestyles. SOC's mission is to provide those services which help senior citizens to maintain their lives in independence and dignity; to assist individuals and families in times of need; to serve as a liason to public and private organizations; to utilize experience and wisdom of senior citizens as valuble community resources. We believe in treating our elders with the dignity ans respect they deserve. As the senior population continues to grow, we are blessed with the opportunity to serve more of the elders that made our community what it is today - a place we can be proud to call home.

We provide full service programs, which include social services, nutritional services, and linkage with personal service providers, minor home maintenance services, Food and Friednship, Meals on Wheels, escorted transportation, and rebate and tax service.

For more information, visit our website or read the latest issue of the SOCommunicator online-