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About Us

MBIRA is a non-profit organization that celebrates and helps to sustain the ancient musical traditions of Zimbabwe, which are over 1,000 years old. MBIRA supports over 275 traditional Zimbabwean musicians and 19 instrument makers, and their families, through worldwide Zimbabwean music education, recordings, and performances. In a country with extrememly high unemployment (92%), this provides critical support in the daily struggle for survival.

In our 19-year history, we have paid Zimbabwean musicians and traditional instrument makers over A MILLION DOLLARS, thus preserving cultural skills during a time of economic collapse.

MBIRA also sponsors mbira instruments for Zimbabwean schools, and its programs encourage transmission of the musical tradition to Zimbabwean children. MBIRA has created the largest archive of Shona music in the world, which is a permanent resource for generations to come. Learn more about us at our website www.mbira.org and Facebook page "MBIRA the non-profit".