The Good Shepherd Sisters of Phuket

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About Us

The Congregation of the Good shepherd Sisters and their lay partners was founded in Angers in France in the mid 1800′s. Their work has traditionally been done in the least glamorous surroundings where the socially deprived exist in slums and families have personal, social and psychological difficulties.The Sisters came to Thailand in 1965 and established their 1st centre in Bangkok. They now have over 7 centers around Thailand. The Good Shepherd Sisters have 4 locations in Phuket where they do their amazing work.

1. The Vocational Training Center in Patong

Many poor girls and women have never had the chance to have a proper education. They have been forced into trades that they might never had chosen themselves, especially in Patong.The center was set up to provide English, hairdressing, computer and massage courses.They are given an opportunity to improve their education, change careers and earn a decent living.There are over 500 Thai women and men enrolled at the Center.

2. “Home of Hope” in Topland

The infant mortality rate among poor migrant girls and women is extremely high in Phuket. They give birth in local construction camps in unsanitary conditions without any medical assistance.The center in Phuket Town accommodates poor girls and women, giving them a safe and clean environment throughout their pregnancy, delivery and sees them through to post natal care. Periodically, up to 15 girls stay at anyone time.

3. Human Trafficking Center

This safe home was set up to provide shelter for anti human trafficking victims, including children. They have suffered extreme sexual and physical abuse under tremendously inhumane conditions.They are given care, support, counseling and eventually an education.

4. The Good Shepherd Learning Center - The school was set up in late 2010. It consists of 3 concrete blocks with fencing around it and a roof. There we no tables or chairs, just a black board and a committed teacher. Initially 20 children enrolled for classes, varying in ages from 2 – 14. None of them had received any schooling up until this point. There are now 60 children taking classes and more on the wait list. Every child deserves the right to a basic education.

The Good Shepherd offer social services to those most in need, irrespective of race and religion. They work in direct service projects with women, children and families to empower, enhance dignity, support self-sufficiency, and build esteem in those who have been excluded from the benefits of society.