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About Us


Param foundation’s vision is to establishing a supreme institution for authenticating all the process for overseas study is the key. Its main purpose is to promote pathways to intellectual freedom, social justice, community welfare, economic liberty and sustainable development for individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized Life Dreams. Mission

Param foundation’s mission is to contribute towards productive and efficient development and utilization of all available resources in society as well as workplace for creating better living environments. This Section provides a general overview of students entitlement of benefits It Covers:-

Mission Awareness

Awareness for “Advance Fee Fraud” by consultants so that students avoid to get trapped into the scams of agents

monitoring NGO for overseas education consultants Fraudester agents who cheated the youth

Mission Student entitlement of benefits

It covers maximum scholarship for international higher education with low incomes


Param foundation’s India will administer effective programmes that have at their core the goals of spreading awareness, imparting education and information, developing skills, and employment opportunities leading to prosperity. Sustainability Support

Param foundation’s India creates own self-sustainable support systems through social entrepreneurship and volunteer action.

Param foundation’s India does NOT receive any charity donations or external financial aid from general public, government or businesses.