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About Us

If an airplane had only one wing, would you fly in it? If traffic lights only worked half the time, would you send your child into the crosswalk?

These are the problems people in hunger face. Their farmers grow enough food. Their fishers catch enough fish. But they lose 50% or more because the food spoils before they can eat it. Needed nutrition rots in the sun while parents and children can't find enough food to eat. They become sick. The world never gets the benefit when their brains can't develop for lack of nutrients. Many die from malnutrition.

More people around the world have begun to realize that if people in Impact Countries can REDUCE FOOD WASTE, they will solve their hunger problem. And, since more than half the people work in agriculture and aquaculture, reducing food waste will help solve the poverty problem, too.

At the Post Harvest Project, we bring technologies to Impact Countries that farmers, fishers and ranchers can use to help them keep more of what they harvest. We help them reduce their waste so that they can feed their families, their communities and their countries.

Reduction of food waste IS the solution to hunger. We can help reduce waste now.

Join us in solving hunger by funding food waste reduction technologies in Impact Countries. The Post Harvest Projectwww.thepostharvestproject.orgProviding a holistic approach to reducing post-harvest food waste