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About Us

Mission: To provide quality internships tailored to each intern's individual interests, which promote community engagement and offer opportunities to make long-term impacts.

Vision: We create key linkages between organizations in West Africa and highly qualified young professionals from around the world in order to foster international exchange, to build capacity, and to make an impact for both parties that lasts beyond the period of the internship, i.e. sustainable service. We also seek to develop and manage programmes focused on the empowerment and employment opportunities of West African youth, to bring their ideas to the forefront, and to provide the expertise and energy necessary to bring those ideas to fruition.

The African Community Internship Placement Programme (ACIPP) was started in 2007 by Simon Tsike-Sossah as a means of financing the Abusua Foundation, a local Ghanaian NGO focused on youth development. ACIPP became its own entity in 2012, and we now support a wide range of NGOs in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Through our internship placements, we aid organisations in the forms of on-the-ground support and in-kind donations. Our internships are numerous and varied: we offer placements in the fields of health education, media, youth development, nonprofit administration, medicine, agriculture, performing arts, conservation, and human rights advocacy, among others.

Come join us in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia!

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