Village Community Services

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About Us

Guided by values of respect and integrity, Village Community Services (VCS) supports adults having disabilities and other life challenges in achieving personal potential at home, work and in community life.

Village Community Services has been providing quality residential support and vocational services to adults with disabilities for more than 45 years. Our service area encompasses Snohomish County.

In Residential Services, we provide long term residential support and life skills training with a focus on maximizing self-sufficiency and linking people to the greater community. Currently our residential programs provide support to individuals within the Smokey Point, Arlington, Marysville, and Stanwood communities.

Through employment and job training opportunities, Vocational Services’ participants work toward economic self-sufficiency while increasing their capacity to learn, make informed choices, and achieve the best possible quality of life. The Vocational Services program offers individualized Career Planning and Placement Services focused on finding paying jobs or volunteer positions and establishing a natural support network within each setting to maximize independence for each program participant.

The Village Music & Arts Program includes “Friday Music”, the performance ensemble “Voices of the Village, and monthly “Evening with the Arts” events for volunteers and participants. These interactive music and art sessions encourage individual expression, friendship, and community.

The agency is governed by a Board of Directors with commitment and leadership. They are committed to adapting to changing needs and look for opportunities to broaden our services. We are rich with history, yet look to the future with great anticipation.

Currently Village Community Services receives more than 90% of our funding from federal, state, or county funding and the rest from private business’s, fundraising, and donations.