Initiative Nepal

About Us

Initiative Nepal(Steps for Better lives) contributes to the international development agendas by implementing projects of global concerns through local initiatives.

Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) is a youth led autonomous organization working in the best interest of people and nature with aspiration of demonstrating “new generation leadership in innovations for sustainable development." Our organization aims to be a support system to government in bringing positive amendments in programs and projects in the best interest of young population, indigenous ethnic communities, and social clusters. We venture to influence collective will-formation and the policy culture by empowering community-building projects based on social trust and equity.

OUR CORE VALUES:- The trinity of Freedom, social justice and solidarity forms the core values of Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives). Our values represent the three generations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—civil and political rights (first generation), social, economic and cultural rights (second generation) and the rights to development, self determination and international cooperation (third generation). These rights imply to set a condition for human beings to lead secure and creative lives guided by human consciousness, courage and free will of citizens.

OUR BELIEF AND STRENGTH:- We at Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) believe that power must be rooted in the people hence-forth, network for building youth lead alliance espousing the indivisibility, inalienability and universality of rights and, continue to challenge predatory regimes in favor of a democratic alliance within and across national borders. Initiative Nepal’s identification with the non-profit sectors situates it alongside the spirit of human beings and establishes that political and economic systems ought to be secondary to voluntary human relations. However, Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) springs not from the intimate sphere, such as family and relational network, but from secondary associations and public communication. Our active coordination and collaboration with professional organizations, civil society, non-profit, voluntary and self-help organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), formal and informal associations of people provides strength to move towards its goal.

Our Vision:- Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) envisions to be a center which confer impetus to a community building project within and across the national borders to both universalize individual and national life and motivate the citizens, governments and the states towards regional and international cooperation.

Mission Statement:- Influence collective will-formation and the policy culture; to grasp the dynamics of modernity, help open up the society as well as to address historical and social circumstances of underdevelopment by empowering community-building projects based on social trust, equity and respect for nature.

Goal: - Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) aspire help communities and societies achieve the goal of “Human Development” i.e., freedom . General Objectives:-

i. To aspire and influence Younger population, Indigenous Ethnic Communities, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Civil societies, Women, professional organizations, Development Professionals and Environmentalists role and cooperation in nations transition phase. ii. To attack de-traditionalizing effects of modernity for the solution of current economic problems of deficit spending, stagnation and high unemployment. iii. To Mediate between the general and particular interests, between the base and superstructure and between the political and economic societies for the welfare of the majority of citizens who are poor, powerless, deprived and alienated from the mainstream democratic and development processes. iv. To trigger the dialectics of social transformation and strengthens the social foundations of democracy and human rights. v. To improve government's policies toward the children’s, women, poor, excluded and vulnerable groups. vi. To empower local clubs, formal and informal institutions by conducting local dialogues, raising awareness among the citizens through social communication, encouraging local voluntary works and completing the programs at a low cost and in a short time by developing local capability. vii. To empower informal institutions and indigenous communities to protect their human, ecological and social rights.

Core Areas of Our Work: - Younger Population, Indigenous Ethnic Communities, Poverty alleviation, Nature & Biodiversity Conservation, Clean Energy/Alternate Energy, Social Mobilization and, Good Governance. Initiative Nepal (Steps for Better lives) Heartily invites you to contribute to our initiative for people and nature.