Corvallis Bicycle Collective

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PO Box 188
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About Us

The Corvallis Bicycle Collective is a nonprofit dedicated toward getting people on bicycles and allowing them to build and maintain them. For FREE, you can come in and borrow our tools, our workstands, and our "flexpertise" (your milage may vary) and apply it to your bike to make it run better and safer.

We sell used bicycles in a variety of conditions for affordable prices, then give you the expertise to get them running and keep them running. We also hold bike classes and discussion series on various topics of interest to biker riders, bike repairers, and bike supporters.

You help us keep the co-op a fun, cheap, and inclusive place to hang out, work, chat, and meet other Corvallis bicycle enthusiasts.

Biking is the ultimate sustainable form of transportation, but the Corvallis Bike Coop is only sustainable if you give a little more than you get.