RADY&BLOOM Collective Playmaking

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New York
United States

About Us

RADY&BLOOM is an NYC play company led by the collaboration of Jeremy Bloom (writer/ director) and Brian Rady (writer/ performer). Drawing from an inclusive spectrum of mediums and performer backgrounds, RADY&BLOOM make stories using narrative and experimental approaches, blending word, gesture, music, site-specificity and spectacle.

Accolades include grants from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund made possible by the New York State Department of Cultural Affairs, a Planet Connections Artist’s Grant, an Archive Alliance 2014-2015 Residency (at the New Ohio and IRT), residencies at the cell theater and Judson Church, among others.

RADY&BLOOM aim to inspire, to cherish community, and to learn. Each performance is a celebration and an invocation.

RADY&BLOOM works include THE UPPER ROOM a devotional congregation conceived by Rady&Bloom, book by Rady, music by Catherine Brookman (IRT and the New Ohio, 2014-2015); THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST, Bloom’s lyric adaptation of the classic American novel composed by Catherine Brookman, Ellen O’Meara and Joe White (Ice Factory 2012, and Ars Nova's ANT Fest 2013); LAMENESS OF A HORSE, a melancholic pep-talk with music by Cory Bracken and Joe White on the subjects of horses and health (Exapno New Music Community Center 2012, The Brick 2013); THE ORANGE PERSON a tall-tale of orange-colored otherness set in Rady’s Texas featuring songs by Rady, Bloom, and singer-songwriter Laura Dunn (IRT 2012, Gene Frankel, 2011); LA BOHEME SPOKEN, adapted from Puccin’s libretto by Rady, conceived and directed by Bloom (The Flea, the cell, site-specifically); THE GREEN KNIGHT, adapted by Brian Rady from the myth of Sir Gawain, directed in pink by Bloom (Subculture/ 45 Bleecker); ANCHOR WOMEN, an under-the-covers study of television's leading ladies written by Rady, directed by Bloom (the cell theatre, 2009).