Heartbeet Lifesharing

  • VT


218 Town Farm Rd
United States

About Us

Located on a beautiful 150 acre farm, Heartbeet is a young and vital lifesharing community that includes adults with disabilities. Volunteers, long term co-workers and their families and people with special needs live and work together in three extended family households, forming a mutually supportive environment that enables each individual to discover and develop his or her unique abilities and potential. Our studios and crews include organic/biodynamic agriculture operations (farm, vegetable garden, and estate), a papermaking crew, and felting crew. The spiritual and cultural life of the community is strongly connected to the seasons and is celebrated through arts, festivals and honoring special events and milestones in people's lives. We are committed to maintaining strong connections with the local community. To this end we help cook a free lunch each week at a local church, attend an art class in town, participate in Special Olympics, and support some of our residents in jobs at the local co-op, Jasper Hill Creamery, and other businesses around town. Your service at Heartbeet will be a journey of transformation and personal development that will not only benefit people with disabilities and the earth, but will be a resource for all you do into the future. We are looking for highly motivated people who like to take initiative, bring enthusiasm to the big and little tasks in life, and who are ready to take on responsibility for others and the earth.