Dream Educational Development Organization

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About Us

Ghizer is one of the poorest District in Gilgit Baltistan Northern Area Pakistan, where a lot of villages are cut off from the main roads. The area is covered with snow for six months a year. The region is famous in the world because of its unique natural beauty, but it is deprived from basic needs. People have least accessibility to school, health and job opportunities. People are poor and illiterate, therefore, they have no awareness about health, hygiene, education and other environmental issues. Majority community cannot afford education to their children, therefore, children are forced to do labor work for their livelihood and to support their parents at early age of 8-10.

Keeping in view the scenario of the region, The Dream Educational Development Organization (DEDO) formed as a non-religious, non-political and non-profitable organization for providing social services and quality educational opportunities to the local communities in Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan in 2015. The organization its first initiative has been started with the formation of an English Medium school named "Premier Public School" situated in village "Sherqilla" Ghizer providing doorstep quality education through scholarships/financial help to the orphans and underprivileged children’s in the area for their overall development. A number of poor and legitimate needy students are being given remissions and free education.

Dream Educational Development Organization is committed to provide exemplary educational programs of international standards that inspire and prepare all students for success in global environment at affordable cost.


•  To contribute towards improving the quality of education by initiating and supporting various educational programs.

•  To provide subsidized quality education for orphan, underprivileged as well as talented children particularly girls and raise educational achievements in disadvantage community.

• To establish English Medium Schools to impart education on most modern and updated method of teaching for both male and female.

•  To establish a coaching and resource center of computer lab, TV, multi-media and library to promote an advance educational system in Ghizer District.

•  To develop, encourage and support effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning.

•  To assess students learning outcomes regularly, evaluate and update key programs in response to student needs and interest.

Education Standard and Curriculum

The school curricular emphasis has both a solid foundation in the depth and breadth of oxford standards, while maintaining particular attention to the various learning styles and needs represented by all students. Students learning outcomes are a driving force in curricular development and teaching methodology. The outcomes of students are intended to challenge students in Higher Secondary Students to become the following:

Critical thinkers

Self-guided achievers

Self-motivated and innovative

 Quality producers

Adaptable problem solvers.

The Premier Public School also provides students with opportunities to excel in areas of special interests and natural skills. In addition to the array of course offering that meet the Higher Secondary School requirements for an enrollment. As the school enrollment has grown, its demographics have changed, reflecting a wide range of Socio-economic and educational background