Pacific Wolf Coalition

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About Us

Our Mission: To optimize an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting wolves in the Pacific West. Together, we hold a common vision where wolves once again play a positive, meaningful, and sustainable role on the landscape and in our culture.

As wolves return to the Pacific states of California, Oregon, and Washington, they do so on a vastly different social, political, and ecological landscape than elsewhere in the country. This creates opportunities and challenges unique to the region. Members of the Pacific Wolf Coalition seek to efficiently and effectively achieve that shared vision while honoring each member organization’s unique values, strengths, and goals.


The Pacific Wolf Coalition envisions significant and sustainable populations of wolves restored across their historic habitats in Washington, Oregon, and California, filling their critical roles in nature, and providing hope and inspiration to communities across the region.

Gray Wolf Recovery Goals

The Pacific Wolf Coalition is working to achieve the following goals:

  1. Ensure wolf packs disperse to and occupy suitable habitat throughout Washington, Oregon, and northern California;
  2. Maintain genetic connectivity with adjacent populations;
  3. Fill their critical role on the landscape, and
  4. Ensure recovery is sustainable over time.