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121 Pine st
P.O. Box 48
United States

About Us

Together Everyone Achieves More of NC (TEAM of NC) Strives to enhance the quality of life of underprivileged youths and disadvantaged families and individuals by working together as citizens in communities to promote a pathway out of poverty, crime and unemployment.

To help build a pathway to education, job training and entrepreneurship and to promote a healthy lifestyle and strengthen family relationships.

The organization's President Carey Sellers is an advocate ( one that pleads, defends, maintains, supports and promotes the interests of another person) in making sure youths in all communities have a chance to succeed in life and grow up wanting to help others.

Together Everyone Achieves More of NC is an IRS recognized 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization. Team of NC effective date of Exemption dates back to May 26, 2009. Our headquarters are located at 121 Pine St./P.O. box 48 Badin, N.C. 28009.

Our Goals of a Charitable Organization is to help underprivileged youths and financially unable families that wants to participate in sports and are unable to pay for uniforms, equipment, registration fees and travel. Street Outreach Programs to help teens living on the street recieve the nessesary tools to survive on the street and to help those wanting to get shelter or return home. Team of NC helps students with reading, writing and math. Team of NC helps youths and young adults find employment by helping with applications and resume building. Team of NC helps youths and young adults and those who have a interest in entreprenuership to develop business plans and to open businesses that they run and employ others.

Encouraging and requiring parent involvement to bring the parent and youths closer and to create a closer relationship with the youth participating in youth sports and to keep youths active, off the streets and help fight obesity.

Working with schools to help students with absenteeism and tardiness and counseling those who are at risk of drop out. Team of NC works to build a connect and partnership with employers and the business community to help underprivileged/disadvantaged youths and adults gain full and part-time employment.**