Agar Vision Africa Initiative

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About Us

The Agricultural industry is an increasingly developing one that provides the most basic needs – food, fibre and energy – for a growing population. In Africa, farmers play an important role in sustaining the populace and maintaining the countryside. Providing helpful information to the farmers, as well as reporting new innovations and technology to both farmers and consumers, is a critical role to play in the actualization of Food Security of a country.

Harnessing such information’s which are tactical reported, the need for sharing ideas, professional experience and capacity building as brought the need of an Organization where people in the Agricultural industry could come together share ideas for proper communication between themselves and the communities they are located.

Acquiring new technologies in developing countries can be cost implicative, so providing these assistances to the Farmers from Developing countries can not be overemphasized. Creativity in terms of using locally sourced materials to improvise for much need materials which are necessary for the improvement of productivity is key instrument in achieving the goal of stability and food security.

The need to secure a future for our Farmers brought birth to TheAgar Vision Africa Initiativeand the organization is saddled to achieve.