Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum

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4000 West Perimeter Road
Fort Lauderdale
United States

About Us

The Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum also known as the Link Trainer Building #8, is dedicated to preserve the history of the Naval Air Station (NASFL) (presently the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport), which was located near Port Everglades during the Period of 1942 - 1946. The primary mission of the Museum's Association is to collect and preserve information, documents, books, naval art, photographs, artifacts and vintage memorabilia that were associated with NASFL, for the purpose of educating the public about the very important role that the Greater Fort Lauderdale area performed for the United States during WWII.

With the help of many volunteers, this Museum has been instrumental in preserving the memory of Flight 19 - The Lost Patrol, one of the great aviation mysteries. Flight 19 flew out of NASFL on December 5th, 1945 to vanish into the Bermuda Triangle. In addition, a 19 year old future US President George H.W. Bush lived at NASFL as a young Ensign to train as a torpedo/bomber pilot. Since then, the vast complex of buildings that housed the air base have been all demolished. All except for one: the Link Trainer Building #8.

  • The only Military Museum in Broward County.
  • U.S National Register of Historic Places.
  • Link Trainer on exhibit (Historic Engineering Landmark).
  • 27x7 Mural and other original paintings by Bob Jenny.
  • Recreated Soldier's Barracks: The George Bush Room.
  • Vintage Models, Photos, WWII memorabilia & Exhibits.
  • Research Library available.
  • A non-profit organization.

The Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum stands as the sole reminder from what it once was a vast Naval Air complex of more than 200 buildings. On May 20, 1998, prior to moving from its former address at 4050 SW 14th Ave, this building was added to the U.S National Register of Historic Places. It was thus saved from demolition.

Restorations continue to this day. The preservation has been worth the effort because of its historic significance. All thanks to a WWII sailor: Allan McElhiney, a visionary individual who foresaw the importance of safeguarding a bygone era, a Naval Museum was established.

The historic NASFL Museum is a 501c3 organization. Your help will be greatly appreciated as day by day, we are tackling the task of making the Museum fully operational to be enjoyed and analyzed not just by researchers but for the general public. There remains much work to be done so we can get our Certificate of Occupancy.

We have many wonderful, faithful volunteers, who kindly donate their time, expertise or influence. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as we can use all sorts of individuals with varied skills in the areas of history, curators, exhibit maintenance, administrative/clerical assistance, computers, general repairs, cataloging, construction, landscaping, etc. Whether you are a college student, a retired senior or a working adult with the desire to give back to your community, we have opportunities for you! Must be at least 18 years old. Volunteers needed year round, Monday - Sunday. Flexible schedule.

Please check our website and blog for better acquaintance.