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About Us

End DV/Construyendo Futuros is a porject of Empowerment WORKS, a non-profit organization. We focus on relationship abuse awareness and prevention.

END DV focuses on providing tailored trainings to professionals in different fields. Our trainings provide tools for supervisors, teachers, and employers on how to recognize and intervene in domestic violence, and to increase safety. In addition, we provide educational asset based programs for the community, parents, and youth.As part of our strong commitment to the community, END DV has taken a bold approach to engage families in preventing relationship abuse. As a result, we founded Construyendo Futuros, a non-profit program. Construyendo Futuros has been formed as a result of the need to create healthy and safe environments where youth meet with positive adult role models including their parents and teachers, and talk about issues that are relevant to their lives. The main goal of our program is to build a strong and positive bond with the intention to provide information to help our youth to engage in healthy relationships and behaviors.