Iraqi Hope Foundation

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About Us

The Iraqi Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to the stability and prosperity of Iraq through development and investment in private, small and mid-level business & industry, and humanitarian assistance.

We are committed to bettering Iraqi lives and communities by directing resources and investment towards small to medium private businesses, education, infrastructure and medical assistance within Iraq. We provide assistance to all qualified Iraqis, with emphasis on victims of extremism, tyranny, and sectarian violence. We build on the enormous efforts of all Iraqi civilians and the sacrifices of service members worldwide who have risked or given their lives in the pursuit of a brighter future for Iraq.

Iraqi Hope Foundation offers all of us a chance to directly contribute to the building of opportunity for individuals and communities, offering Iraqis the alternatives that were starved from them by decades of government neglect. More importantly, IHF empowers private Iraqi citizens during this monumental transition in Iraq's history.