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About Us


We are a registered not-for-profit 501c(3) organization that has established a facility that showcases talented senior artists, age 60 and above, as a means of partially supporting the development of local senior artistic talent, and the creation and implementation of programs of artistic expression and development and programs of art therapy aimed at the local senior community of the greater Portland area. Initially, we have established an art gallery located in Portland, Oregon. The gallery will enable us to develop a financial base with which to accomplish our mission. Through the art gallery and associated on-line virtual community we will sell artwork created by established senior artists as one method to finance both the Art and Community Center and to develop and implement programs of art and art therapy for local senior communities in the greater Portland area.


We envision a future where seniors redefine themselves as valuable contributors; a time when seniors view themselves as vital role models, worthy of acceptance and purpose. We envision a future where physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and vitality are achieved through creative artistic expression; where seniors are celebrated for their unique life experiences, contributions and wisdom. We imagine a future where the life stories of the older generation bring insight, epiphanies, laughter, joy, and healing to all generations. We celebrate a future where attaining elder hood is viewed as a process of positive changes and a realm of new possibilities.

Our Philosophy:

It is our belief that seniors are in need of opportunities for personal creative expression in various forms. We see societal norms as a paradigm promoting cultural values that limit creativity, meaningful lives, and the physical health of seniors. We see the necessity of encouraging transcendent opportunities for seniors. For the senior population, there is no need to self-censor or to restrict imaginative freedom; this is where we can overcome society’s obstacles to the acceptance of purpose in latter life. Without the means for creative expression, there is bound to be a myriad of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consequences.

Statement of Purpose:

It is our profound belief that seniors must develop a radically different self-concept as the first step to change society’s view of seniors and the aging process. We recognize the need to change the current societal climate surrounding the perception of seniors, a population that is presumed to consume more resources than they create. Through the arts, we will become agents of social change that will empower seniors to believe that they are indispensable, contributing, productive members of society. We will accomplish this change by providing the platform where seniors can experience transformation.