United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400

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8400 Corporate Drive
Suite 200
United States

About Us

UFCW Local 400 exists to empower our members—and all working families—to improve their lives. We fulfill this mission by:

  • Increasing union density and power by organizing in our core industries.
  • Engaging in collective bargaining, negotiating contracts that provide our members with industry-leading wages you can raise a family on, good health benefits, retirement security and a voice on the job.
  • Ensuring that our members are treated with dignity, respect and fairness by management.
  • Protecting our members’ safety and health in the workplace.
  • Conducting legislative and political advocacy to make our members’ voices heard in the corridors of power and winning policies that help working families gain opportunity and security.
  • Fighting to expand the union market share of our industries.
  • Fighting to increase the power of workers, raise their standard of living, and make life better for their families.
  • Working together with our communities to help raise the economic standing and quality of life for all working families.