Bike Bald

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827 Diane St.

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About Us

​Bike Bald Group Mission:

Provide cycling rides & events for the general public supporting community, healthy living & sustainability while supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness.  We work hard to provide the needs of the parents and family that has a child going through cancer or a serious illness by going back to the basic of the family & community support. We know that sometimes when a parent(s) are told that their child has been diagnosed with serious life-threatening diseases the whole family is affected. Through grassroots direction we want to meet the needs of parent (s), child, sibling, by providing the emotionally, spiritually, financially and social needs. 

Again going back to the basic of the family & community.  

We would LOVE to see you at one of our various bicycling and community events!

Bike Bald is a registered 501c3 organization.