Gibney Dance

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890 Broadway
Studio 5-2
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1991, Gibney Dance has grown into a comprehensive arts service organization dedicated to artistic excellence, diversity, equity, and empowerment. Its multifaceted programs and initiatives across its two locations—Gibney Dance Choreographic Center at 890 Broadway, and Gibney Dance: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center at 280 Broadway—engage New York City dance artists at all stages of their careers and encourage cross-pollination among artists to strengthen the organization’s ecology.

Through its three interrelated areas of activity—Center, Company, and Community Action—Gibney Dance is "Making Space for Dance" in studios, on stages, and in partnership with underserved shelters and schools:

Gibney Dance Center is a powerhouse of cultural support for the performing arts community and the City itself. Its two remarkable spaces--Gibney Dance Choreographic Center at 890 Broadway and Gibney Dance: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center at 280 Broadway--provide a roster of events supporting the creative process, encouraging dialogue, and providing professional development opportunities.

Gibney Dance Company is the Center's acclaimed resident dance ensemble, led by Choreographer Gina Gibney and Company Director Amy Miller. Since its founding, the Company has steadily developed its reputation for excellence, building a repertory of over 30 works. In honor of the Company's 25th Anniversary, its members' roles were re-envisioned as full-time Artistic Associates, dedicated partners who serve the organization through artistry, activism, and advocacy. Serving as a model for other dance organizations, Gibney Dance empowers these partners to envision and implement community programs to address pressing issues in the dance field and effect lasting social change.

Gibney Dance Community Action is on the leading edge of mobilizing the arts to address social justice issues. This highly respected program uses dance to empower survivors of interpersonal violence through multiple platforms including Movement Workshops for domestic violence survivors; Hands Are For Holding that addresses teen dating violence and bullying among youth in a preventative capacity; Global Community Action Residencies that share the program’s model and practices internationally; the Community Action Hub and its resources for social change-minded artists; and Advocacy Initiatives that spread awareness and mobilize artists to respond to social issues.