Menucha Retreat and Conference Center

  • OR

About Us

Menucha is a sacred sanctuary held in stewardship as an ecumenical, community-based mission of First Presbyterian Church – Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to offer the finest retreat and conference center experience possible by providing opportunities for reflection, spiritual discovery, renewal, education and enrichment for individuals, families and communities. Menucha offersguests “the gift of contentment” — the comfort of needs well met and the freedom to engage in purposeful work. Purposeful work is work for which people have a passionate intention, but which daily demands may keep us from. Menucha is a chance to return to what matters:

  • Community-building
  • Cultural and artistic creation
  • Advancement of personal and organizational possibilities
  • Reflection and renewal
  • Pilgrimage

We primarily provide retreat, conference and support services to the non-profit community. We also offer programs of our own which focus on music, art and religion.