The American Museum of Tort Law

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About Us

The American Museum of Tort Law seeks to increase citizen understanding of Tort Law – the law of wrongful injury - and the role this body of law plays in the protection of personal freedom and safety.

The American Museum of Tort Law was conceived to: 

Create and sustain a world-class facility that focuses on the rich historical legacy of Tort Law in American life and culture; inform people about the effect of Tort Law on their lives; and inspire a sense of future possibilities for the well-being of our society;

·      Create a unique historical environment that fosters an appreciation of the intellectual rigor and community standards embodied in law;

·      Explain the benefits of the civil jury system of the United States which embraces a fundamental precept of tested justice: that of citizens applying their minds and values to reach decisions on the facts in cases that often involve powerful wrongdoers; and

·      Show by example how ours is a nation of laws, and how Tort Law reflects the voice of the community.