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About Us

Markedscentret is an independent and non-partisan think-tank that intents to be a source of inspiration for new ideas in our understanding of economics and analyses of the market.

We believe in the dignity and integrity of every individual, in the open society based on freedom of thought and the free market. We will publish analyses based on free market solutions.

Markedscentret seeks to promote public policy debates that are compatible with the above and promotes: · The right to life, liberty and private property. · The right to freely exchange thoughts, goods and services of any kind and in any way on the free market. · The right to join others in voluntary organizations and thereby satisfying each individual’s need for friendship, safety, welfare and a cultural identity. · The right to individually or with others to purpose a path of life and values, and to increase the awareness of these. Markedscentret considers every individual sovereign and the one best suited to make decisions regarding his or her own life. Markedscentret therefore believes that everybody will be given the most opportunities on the free market, where choices aren’t limited by government regulation.