Kahal B'raira--Boston's Congregation for Humanistic Judaism

  • MA


765 Concord Avenue
United States

About Us

Kahal B'raira, a congregation of Secular Humanistic Judaism, has been meeting in the Boston area since 1975. We meet for holiday services and celebrations, discussion, culture, Sunday School, teen/youth group and adult education.

Humanistic Judaism embraces a philosophy that combines rational thinking with a celebration of Judaic culture and identity. Humanistic Jews value their Jewish identity and the aspects of Jewish culture that offer a genuine expression of their contemporary way of life. Kahal B'raira welcomes members to our congregation who come from a variety of families including Interfaith families and gay and lesbian families. Our community is enriched by the contributions of our diverse membership. We celebrate Jewish holidays and life cycle events (such as weddings and bar and bat mitzvah) with inspirational ceremonies that draw upon but seek to go beyond traditional literature.