Association for Rural Advancement

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South Africa

About Us

Vision AFRA is an independent land rights NGO that aims to redress past injustices, to secure tenure for all, and to improve the quality of life and livelihoods of the rural poor. AFRA works for a peaceful, secure, productive and prosperous society through the equitable redistribution of land, resources and opportunities. AFRA is committed to a non-racial society in which there is gender equality and participatory democracy.

Target Group AFRA works with black rural people in KwaZulu-Natal whose land and development rights have been undermined, whose tenure is insecure and who do not have sufficient access to land and resources to fulfill their developmental aspirations or basic needs.

Method AFRA will work towards this vision by: ·Empowering communities to engage with land reform processes to meet their needs; · Promoting and protecting the interests of women and the poorest within the groups we work with; and · Networking with other organisations to lobby for a just and effective land reform programme for the benefit of our target group within an integrated rural development framework.