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About Us

The mission of LIMBS International is to transform the lives of amputees throughout the developing world by restoring their ability to walk.

We design, create, and test new prosthetic devices in our US research labs and in clinics throughout the developing world. Subsequently, we teach and empower Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and other humanitarian organizations how to fabricate the LIMBS Knee for as little as $20. The LIMBS knee is a highly utilitarian polycentric prosthetic knee joint that can also be integrated with other LIMBS-designed components to create dependable and functional prostheses.

Providing sustainable technological solutions by using regionally available materials to construct the LIMBS knee, LIMBS International aims to break the chain of dependency that has existed in the Third World, where amputees are generally outcasts in their society. These people are normally viewed as “broken” because of their disability and end up being “the poorest of the poor”.

Motivated by a strong commitment to Judeo-Christian principles, we believe that every individual – regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or nationality – is deserving of love, compassion, respect, and the opportunity to pursue an active lifestyle, and thereby become productive members of society.