Gift Charitable Trust

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About Us

  • Intellectually Challenged (mentally challenged children/people)

Our mission will be to support the intellectually challenged children/people who are in need and to address the needs of Intellectually challenged and to Work for their Life Enrichment, Protection and development.

  • Physically Challenged

To reach the physically challenged and help them by providing with all possible amenities so that their basic needs are met.

  • Aids

To reach out and empower AIDS patients by helping them solve the day-to-day needs. Our mission is to reach out to them and ensure them that they have an enriching future of hope.

  • Cancer

To reach out and help the cancer patients, to aid and support institutions involved in the treatment of cancer. To help provide financial aid to economically challenged patients.

  • Old age people

Our mission will be to provide relief to the elderly through various interventions. The aim is to help elders rebuild their lives and restore within themselves a sense of self-worth and confidence.

  • Orphans

To provide support for children who have been orphaned. Our mission is to improve the lives of those children who feel that they are just a speck of dust in the society as they have been forsaken by their own parents.