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About Us

European Startup Network (ESN) unifies Europe’s national startup associations to create a common voice for European startups.

ESN wants to build a scaleup-friendly environment so that startups grow and thrive in Europe. That is why we united 24 associations representing startups in their countries. Among our members, we count France Digitale, Startup Estonia, Austrian Startups, and 20 more.

Together, we help scale local projects by:

  1. representing startups before regulators at the EU level
  2. sharing knowledge and replicate European best practices
  3. creating partnerships between startups, corporates, accelerators, institutions, and investors.

This is how ESN came to contribute to:

To further expand our knowledge of the European startup ecosystem, we have built a unique database that now counts more than 25,000 startups in 24 EU countries. Our reach on social media amounts to 80,000 unique viewers for each network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram).

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