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About Us

Women's Health Specialists of Northern California (WHS) is a Feminist Women's Health Center providing reproductive health services, including abortion care, birth control and sexual health screening. We have served over 35,000 women and men per year since opening in 1975. Our non-profit organization operates four licensed community clinics and four satellite sites, serving a 40 county region of California. Other WHS programs include: Adoption Choices of Northern California, Young Women's Health Leadership Program, Community Outreach and Education Program. We are an outstanding team of dedicated individuals that work not only to better women's and men's lives through prevention and health education but to advance reproductive justice for all people. "We have a vision: A world where women can control their own bodies, reproduction and sexuality. Women's Health Specialists is dedicated to providing women-controlled health care and advocating all options for all women. Only with dignity and freedom of choice can women achieve their full potential." Vision Statement of WHS