Computer Mentors Group, Inc.

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About Us

Computer Mentors Group, Inc. began in 1997. It is a non-profit service organization comprised of computer professionals, and others interested in the future job opportunities of disadvantaged youths. We dedicate our time and talent to encourage and guide young people toward a career in the computer industry. Our objective is to provide free, high quality computer literacy training and technology access to underprivileged families all across America. We are achieving this objective through training, jobs, and computer ownership for our low-income participants.

The STEM 360 Program is an after school mentoring and tutoring program made available through a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Education. This program is designed to support underrepresented students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. In this program, science professionals, teachers, and tutors will be matched in an instructional mentoring relationship with students who have demonstrated a need for academic assistance with the science and math portions of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). Site Facilitators, Instructors, Tutors, and Lab Assistants will work directly with every student enrolled at the three middle schools (Memorial Middle School, Van Buren Middle School, and Young Middle Magnet School) selected to participate. STEM staff will convey leadership, communication and mentorship skills, while offering guidance and support to students who are facing particularly challenging periods in middle school, such as the initial transition from elementary to middle school, rigor of math and science courses, along with preparing for final exams. Different strategies and core interventions will be matched to address individual student needs. Ultimately, the program is geared toward increasing student interest in science and technology by using a medium that the students are already heavily involved and familiar with, multi-media. In keeping with the CMG “Digital Divide” mission, students most at risk for educational and economic failure are targeted for this program.