Southern Avenue Charter Elementary School

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About Us

The mission of Southern Avenue Charter School of Academic Excellence and Creative Arts is to educate the whole child to experience academic and social successes through a variety of research-based, data-driven teaching methods and brain developing activities; and to lay the necessary foundation for the child to perform successfully in middle school, high school and beyond, thus enabling that child to become a productive, self-supporting citizen in a technologically advance, culturally diverse society. Southern Avenue Charter School will provide an alternative route to success for K-5 grade students who are failing to reach their full potential in traditional school settings.

Southern Avenue Charter School is committed to increasing the child’s learning capacity forever by providing an exciting research-based, data driven, comprehensive program of excellence in academics, creative arts, social, and cultural development. We envision a learning environment where a child experience many successes; becomes knowledgeable about himself and the world around him; develops a positive self concept develops a creative means of expression through the arts; develops higher order thinking skills; and develops language skills which will assist the child in successfully functioning in a culturally diverse society. The school’s strategic plans is closely aligned with the Shelby County School’s Strategic Plan.