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About Us

Citizen Zen is dedicated to inspiring people to share their talents, skills, trades and/or knowledge with others in order to grow a more cultured society. If everyone gave 1 hour a week or 4 hours a month and shared something with others we could truly tap into an unknown source of knowledge and skill. Growing up, something I always desired was to learn to play the piano. I thought how great it would be to walk up to a piano during a party, or community event and slowly sit down, lift the cover, and just start wailing away like Jerry Lee Lewis, turning the boring party into a raging dance fest. People tossing each other into the air, others dancing atop the piano, and me , the life of the party, just smiling, singing and jamming on those keys. Know maybe I watched a little to much MTV, but it was a dream that i could not attain due to financial restrictions and time constraints. What Citizen Zen will do is make those dreams possible by sharing your knowledge with others and them doing like wise.