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About Us

The Creative Hunch

Everyone gets a hunch from time to time, a recurring voice telling us something. But what supports a person to follow it? How can we find ways to support and nourish our own creative hunches? In fact, why not create a network that revolves around the development of these hunches and the projects they inspire, one where people can participate in a myriad of ways and at varying levels?

Investing in The Creative Hunch (aka The Itch) is sparking a new social-cultural networking phenomenon where art, cultural exchange, and social networking converge. Organized around dinner parties and social mixers, the Itch facilitates an ongoing interchange between artists, choreographers, poets, writers, actors, musicians, filmmakers, and members of the public, that strategize to form independent teams to support cultural projects in realizing new works. Together they work to transform a hunch into reality – a creative impulse brought to fruition through all stages of inception, inquiry, development, organization, marketing, and presentation.

Our hope is to evolve a model that responds to complimentary needs of artists and public alike. While the arts exist as a sector possessing extraordinary creativity, too often we are faced with depleted resources, such that become a barrier to success. Meanwhile, beyond the arts, exists a wide and diverse field of passionate people still yearning for new outlets of creativity and meaningful connection. The itch endeavors to match these creative impulses, with the resources that each group has to offer, so that both artists and people working outside the arts can realize greater levels of creativity in their lives and work.

To read more on the ITCH’s bigger vision and long-term goals, please visit the VISION page.