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1599 Central Parkway
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About Us

MISSION: The Hip Hop Youth Arts Center is a safe space, an empowering space, and a space for development. Young people ages 14-24 are one of our most untapped resources, and we provide an outlet for their expression that is a needed alternative to violence. We serve youth that either live in or come to the Over-the-Rhine/West End area – a place where people from all over the city gather. Hip Hop culture – including djing, emceeing/rapping, break dancing, and graffiti art – is the center of everything we do.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe people learn best from their experience. Hip Hop culture is what youth today come up in. We do our best to provide access to the equipment and resources necessary to grow and learn in positive ways. The Hip Hop community in Cincinnati is our biggest and best resource.