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About Us

Work side-by-side with members of an Ecuadorian mountain community to milk cows, make cheese, plant, harvest, fleece sheep, gather wild mushrooms, cook, teach English to locals, and more; In the jungle, make jewelry out of seeds, take notes on wildlife during jungle patrols, tour petroleum extracting facilities, take part in jungle activities under guidance of members of the Cofan indigenous community; On the coast, fish, chop plantains, pull up yuca, trap crabs, harvest coconuts, make raw chocolate out of cacao, and more...

Earth to City's goal is to show people where their food and products come from from within the earth, and to bring more people into physical contact with the beauty of nature. We aim to accomplish this with a minimal amount of paperwork and application bureaucracy. At Earth to City we believe that the best way for people to have a lasting experience with farming, fishing and wildlife is for them to use their own hands to milk the cows, spear the squid, fleece the sheep, etc. Volunteers spend the first five days going through a guided itinerary of hands-on agricultural/wildlife activities in pristine locations. If after the five days they decide that they like the community and would like to stay on, they can arrange with the community guides to live with a family and to work on one or multiple volunteer projects that interest them, such has helping to set up a sweater-making workshop; helping to implement a waste water system in the mountains; helping to market jewelry made out of coconut shells and other plant material; helping to make and sell shishkebabs; teaching English; or helping to monitor sea or jungle wildlife.