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About Us

LA Family Law focuses its efforts on providing affordable, low-bono unbundled legal services to self-represented (In Pro Persona) litigants in family law, landlord/tenant disputes, small business transactions, and small claims and limited civil matters.   In doing so, LA Family Law strives to ensure pro se litigants are more prepared for their hearings, are empowered to present or defend their case more effectively, and ultimately, aid in increasing the efficiency in judicial economy throughout the court system.

By fostering relationships with Southern California law schools, LA Family Law provides real, practical legal experience for law student interns who are eager to gain hands on experience with client interaction and client management (both skills which are largely untaught in the academic setting).  Since its inception, the organization has assisted thousand of in pro persona litigants and has prepared hundreds of law student interns to leave law school as substantially more practice-ready attorneys.