foundation human nature (UK)


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United Kingdom

About Us

foundation human nature (fhn) is an international non-religious, non-political NGO registered in the UK, Germany, USA, Ecuador and Ghana ( We promote sustainable community development. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of people inhabiting the poorest regions of the planet. Our focus is basic health care, provided by Community Centres that are developed by fhn employees and funded by our supporters worldwide. We operate 2 such centres - one in the North West cloudforest region of Ecuador and one in the Ashante region of Ghana. The UK branch of the charity supports the Ghanaian project. They are staffed by doctors, nurses and midwives provided by the local government and by other personnel paid for by fhn.

Medical assistance alone is not sufficient to reach our goal of sustainable development. fhn is therefore also involved in aspects of education, environmental protection, renewable energy, gender equality and microeconomics. We employ personnel almost exclusively from the local communities in the areas in which we work. Our emphasis is on training and supervision, employing participatory methodologies at each stage of program development, to ensure that communities help themselves, according to community-defined needs. The long-term goal of all our projects is self-sustainability.