California Clubhouse

  • CA


2205 Palm Avenue
San Mateo
United States

About Us

California Clubhouse is a membership-based social/vocational community where people living with persistent mental illness come to rebuild their lives. It belongs to a global community of recovery, hope, and dignity, empowering people who live with mental illness through work, friendship, resources, support, and an overarching ethos that focuses on building strengths.

California Clubhouse members volunteer as colleagues with a small staff to ensure that the Clubhouse and its people thrive. Work is the mediating factor in the daily life of Clubhouse, where members contribute as volunteers to develop the strength, desire, and supports to enjoy relationships, explore interests, and build careers, through education and paid work in the community at large.

The Clubhouse approach is effective because it develops and sustains mental health recovery communities that remain -

Holistic – offering members opportunities for friendship, employment and education, access to quality housing, medical and psychiatric services through a single caring and safe environment.

Inclusive – allowing members to set and achieve personal goals while taking inspiration from the challenges met within the clubhouse and the success of others who are achieving their personal aspirations and goals.

Sustaining – helping members become productive participants of society over the course of their lives.