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Fazenda Iracambi
Rosário da Limeira

About Us

Work with us on the cutting edge of conservation and sustainability to make the conservation of the Rainforest more attractive than its destruction.

One of Conservation International's top five global biodiversity hot spots, the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest is in a critical condition – less than 7% reamins.

But all is not lost! Iracambi is one of a number of small non-profits working to conserve the priceless resources of the forest while improving the economic situation of the local people. Situated in the mountains of Minas Gerais, on the borders of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, this is your base to volunteer your time and talents, expand your horizons (and ours), and participate in the many exciting opportunities available to you here at Iracambi.

Our researchers and volunteers, supported by the local community, work to better understand the factors that lead to forest degradation and restoration. If you have a great idea and special skill, let us know and let’s see where your talents can best be put to work. If you would prefer to join our wide variety of ongoing projects we can promise you won’t be bored.

We are looking for enthusiastic, flexible, self-motivated people who really want to make a real contribution to our endeavour.

We have an international outlook but a local output and welcome people from around the globe to join us and help us do our part – get in touch to see how you can get involved in saving forests and changing lives!

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Current program focus

Managing natural resources: 

·        building a database of information for the Iracambi GIS

·        environmental policy planning and implementation

·        management of a forest nursery to support extensive program of reforestation, especially to build forest corridors

Ecosystems research:

·        fauna and flora inventories

·        forest monitoring: forest cover, growth, species competition

·        water monitoring and stream ecology

·        soil monitoring

·        weather monitoring

Education for sustainability:

·        Young Eco-Leaders program for local middle and high school students

·        Student exchange courses (such as 100K Strong in the Americas) for Brazilian and International university students

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