Greater Logan Heights Community Partnership

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San Diego

United States

About Us

The Greater Logan Heights Community Partnership (the “GLHCP”) is a group of local nonprofit agencies working to unite & strengthen community organizations in Greater Logan Heights by empowering residents and communities to improve quality of life and create a sustainable community. We have joined efforts to provide leadership development for residents and build community awareness through; to attract resources for community based organizations in the Greater Logan Heights Community through collaborative funding strategies; to create a common space to share resources and information in order to strengthen CBOs in the Greater Logan Heights community; and to implement a slate of clear and direct actions that engages Greater Logan Heights residents on the premise to improve their community

The GLHCP members joined together in 2009 because we recognized the value and power of working toward a common vision. We collaborate on projects that improve the quality of life of all residents, from cleanups and beautification to investing in workforce initiatives for youth and everything in between. We are bringing subject-matter experts to work hand-in-hand with residents on understanding what it takes to revitalize neighborhoods, such as architects, government officials and urban planners. We teach residents how to get engaged in advocating for their individual, family and neighborhoods’ rights through leadership education.