The Alliance for Appalachia

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United States

About Us

We are a regional alliance with the following goals:

  1. ending a devastating form of coal mining called mountaintop removal coal mining,
  2. putting a halt to destructive coal technologies, and
  3. creating a sustainable, just Appalachia.

We believe that our campaign to abolish mountaintop removal mining can be an important element of the national effort for progressive, systemic change in our nation’s energy, economic, and environmental policies. By highlighting the dangers and true costs of our dependence on coal, we can help move the nation away from our current extraction economy and toward a new ethic of conservation, efficiency and renewable energy.

Our work is founded on these beliefs:

  • Mountain people are experts of their own lives
  • All people should have a seat at the table in determining the future of their communities
  • Regional collaboration strengthens political power built locally
  • Systemic change is necessary to achieve justice in our region