Slice Out Hunger

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244 5th Avenue
Suite S-260
New York
United States

About Us

After running culinary adventures through the city's best pizzerias for an entire year, several pizzerias offered SPT's founder, Scott Wiener, some free pizzas to celebrate. About fifty pies were delivered to a travel agency in Greenwich Village that offered to host the party, but rather than give slices out for free, Scott decided to charge $1 per slice and donate all the money to a local hunger-fighting organization. Word spread and a massive line formed outside the tiny storefront, eliminating every slice in less than an hour. The next year, more pizzerias asked to donate and the line increased. The event moved to a larger space in 2012 and collected over 400 pizzas to raise $12,800 in just two hours thanks to donation matching from some local companies. Slice Out Hunger is now in its fifth year and sights are set on even more pizza, which will raise even more money for the city's homeless and hungry.

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